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Your consultant may have suggested that you require a colonoscopy due to the symptoms that you are experiencing. You will be given details of the preparation required well in advance prior to your procedure.

A colonoscopy involves using a thin, flexible tube to view the large bowel and colon. You will be given sedation to ensure the examination is pain free and that you remain comfortable throughout the examination.

The patient’s privacy remains a priority at all times within our purpose built theatres. Accurate, extensive images are viewed on state of the art, technically advanced equipment, allowing an early, accurate diagnosis.

Occasionally, not all abnormalities can be detected, and other investigations may be required. This will be fully discussed with you by your consultant before discharge.

Following your colonoscopy you will be looked after in your room until you have fully recovered. Light refreshments are provided and when you are ready you will be allowed home accompanied by a responsible adult.


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