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CT scan

A CT (computerised tomography) scan, sometimes also called a CAT scan, takes pictures of the body and uses a computer to put them together. A CT scanner uses X-rays and is a painless procedure. A series of X-rays are taken of your body at slightly different angles, to produce very detailed pictures of the inside of your body. The pictures produced by CT scans provide your consultant with information to him them reach a diagnosis about a variety of conditions. The CT scanner is a large machine. The pictures are taken while you lie on a couch, which moves backwards and forwards through the hole of the machine that is shaped rather like a giant doughnut. The scan may need a contrast dye or substance that improves the picture of certain tissues or blood vessels. This material may be swallowed, given as an enema or injected into the blood stream, depending on the part of your body that is to be scanned.

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CT scan


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